What does the new algorithm update mobile?

Last March, Google announced on its blog for webmasters that in May there would be an update algorithm for mobile search , in which the value of mobile-friendly factors would increase results from these devices.

As Mobilegeddon, the SERP’s in desktop should not be affected , unless a general computing domain relevance also made and some positions are adjusted. What is clear is that despite everything, the relevance of brand remains a key factor , regardless of optimization for mobile.

If a user searches from your mobile “pizza delivery” is logical to expect to find Telepizza between the results. Imagine that http://www.telepizza.es is not mobile-friendly (which in this case we do not go so misguided). In principle, if we ajustásemos only the algorithm update, it should not appear among the top search results, but as a recognized brand is likely to lose some position but does not disappear (also depending on whether there is a next establishment). That yes, it would show up with a nice ” Your page is not mobile friendly” .

Another feature of the update is that, like Panda 4.2 , will be progressive, so you may not see changes in your industry until a few weeks.

If you think your site is already adapted not quiet breathe, because it is likely that there is still some factors tour which also affects your rankings:

Speed and AMP : Check load speed mobile using Page Speed Insights and my recommendation is to go glancing at the AMP initiative , especially if your site is a means or your digital core is content creation.

Usability: As with desktop, our site is usable, it is becoming a key factor and often in the details is the difference. Most sites adapted to mobile I’ve seen are not so much (small forms, impossible menus or links too close together …). So I leave one of the latest content from Think with Google for designers that I found useful and one day we talked more deeply usability and UX.

If you’re not yet clear if your site is optimized for mobile, you’re starting a new project or redesign the site, check out what are the first steps mobile-friendly .


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